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Medium Ash Brown Ash Blonde®


Pale brown with pale blonde highlights. 

Ash Brown Golden Blonde®

$149.95 $44.95

Natural brown with warm straw blonde highlights.

Brown with Beach Blonde®

$149.95 $44.95

Warmer brown with pale blonde highlights.

Dark Brown Golden Brown®

$149.95 $44.95

Deep mahagony brown with warm brown highlights. 

Brown to Golden Brown®

$149.95 $44.95

Natural brown leading into golden brown tips.

Brown to Platinum Ash Blonde®

$149.95 $44.95

Warmer natural brown to pale blonde with platinum blonde highlights

Dark Brown to Ash Blonde®

$149.95 $44.95

Mahogany brown that leads into pale blonde.

Dark Brown to Sandy Blonde®

$149.95 $44.95

Natural brown with warm straw blonde highlights.

Brown Blonde®

$149.95 $44.95

Natural brown with hints of lighter brown. 

Ginger Brown®

$149.95 $44.95

Darker natural brown with subtle hints of auburn.

Dark Brown®

$149.95 $44.95

Just a shade darker than natural brown. 

Darker Brown®

$149.95 $44.95

One more shade darker than dark brown. 

Chesnut Brown®

$149.95 $44.95

Darker brown with a very subtle purple. 


Brown to Ash Blonde®

$149.95 $44.95

A light shade of brown that leads ash blonde.


Chocolate Brown®

$149.95 $44.95

Chocolate brown with hints of warm hues.


Mocha Brown®

$149.95 $44.95

A coffee-inspired color.

Black Brown®

$149.95 $44.95

Our lightest shade of black.

Off Black®

$149.95 $44.95

One more shade darker than black brown. 

Jet Black®

$149.95 $44.95

Midnight, it's our darkest shade of black. 


Black to Gray®

$149.95 $44.95

Black that leads down to silvery gray.


Off Black to Dark Brown®

$149.95 $44.95

Black that leads to dark brown.


Off Black to Ash Gray®

$149.95 $44.95

Off black that leads to cooler tones of gray

Platinum Blonde®

$149.95 $44.95

Bleach blonde, our lightest shade. 

Beach Blonde®

$149.95 $44.95

Light sandy blonde with hints of platinum.

Natural Blonde®

$149.95 $44.95

A pale ash blonde with minimal highlights. 

Light Honey Blonde®

$149.95 $44.95

A mix of natural blonde, light honey blonde, and beach blonde.

Dirty Blonde®

$149.95 $44.95

A mix of natural blonde, light honey blonde, and beach blonde.

Golden Beach Blonde®

$149.95 $44.95

Warm golden blonde with beach blonde highlights.

Beach Blonde to Pink Halo®

$149.95 $44.95

Beach blonde that leads down to hot pink highlights.


Beige Blonde®

$149.95 $44.95

Dirty blonde with subtle splash of beige

Golden Auburn®

$149.95 $44.95

Our lightest shade of red.

Light Auburn®

$149.95 $44.95

A deeper more full auburn than the golden. 

Dark Auburn®

$149.95 $44.95

A very deep almost purplish red.

Dark Brown to Light Auburn®

$149.95 $44.95

A mahagony brown that leads into the light auburn ombre.

Wine Red®

$149.95 $44.95

A purplish pink red with minimal highlights.

Black to Wine Red®

$149.95 $44.95

Off black that leads into a wine red ombre.



$149.95 $44.95

Brighter and orangey than golden auburn


Silver Gray®

$149.95 $44.95

A soft and ethereal hue, reminiscent of delicate clouds or shimmering silver.


Salt & Pepper®

$149.95 $44.95

A rich and muted color that falls between black and gray.












$149.95 $44.95

Brighter and orangey than golden auburn




The Instant Confidence Boost You've Been Looking For

Transform your short, thin, limp hair into the long, thick, voluminous hair of your dreams - in under 60 seconds.

So easy you can install them at home with zero experience

Once you adjust the invisible wire to the proper length the rest is as simple as 1, 2, 3:

1. Part your hair an inch from your hair line.
2. Place the invisible wire in the part.
3. Drop your hair down and blend it all together.

Transforming the Lives of Over 37,814 Beautiful Women Worldwide

Better Than Human Hair Extensions

Our extensions are made of Kanekalon™, a new synthetic composite that's 98% identical to real hair. In many ways it's actually better:


Lighter than real hair extensions


More affordable than real hair extensions

20 months

Longer lifetime than real hair extensions

The Perfect Blend Or Your Money Back

We understand that ordering extensions online is a difficult thing to do.

That's why we offer a 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If you're unhappy with your extensions for any reason, just reach out and we'll refund you - no questions asked!

Frequently Asked Questions

What comes in the box?

  • Your new Halo® with 2 clips for added security.
  • 2 invisible wires to keep it securely in place (1 on the Halo® and one extra)
  • 2 Extra Clips

How do I find the right length?

The length you go with is entirely up to how long you want your hair to look. 

There are a couple of handy tips to know though: 

- When in doubt, go with the longer option. You can always cut the hair down to the length you want. But you can't add any back. 

- It will be easier to blend extensions that are close to the length of your hair, or just a little bit longer. That doesn't mean you can't blend longer extensions if you have short hair. 

- The image below will give you a good idea of how long each option is. For more information check out our length guide.

How do I find the right color?

There are two options! 

1. You can go through the "Find My Perfect Shade" dropdown at the top of this page and make your best guess as to which shade will match using the pictures. 

2. You can go to our Virtual Color Match page, submit 2 pictures of your hair, and let our color matching experts chose for you with 98.9% accuracy! 

Either way you don't have to worry about ordering the wrong shade. With our color match guarantee we'll replace your extensions until they match perfectly. 

What if I order the wrong length or shade? 

Don't worry about it at all! 

With our Color Match Guarantee and Perfect Blend Guarantee we'll replacement your extensions for FREE until they blend so well they're completely invisible.  

All you have to do is reach out to our customer support and they'll help you out no questions asked.
How do I put it on? 

There are two main methods for putting on our Halos®. You can either part your hair, put the Halo® on, let your hair down and brush to blend. Or put the Halo® on and pull your hair out over it.

We recommend trying them both out and seeing which works best for you! 

Follow the handy picture guide below to learn how: 

How does it stay on? I'm worried it will slide right off! 
Don't worry! It will never fall off. The invisible wire tightens down onto the crown of your head, securing the halo in place so it doesn't move around at all. On top of that each Halo® has 2 clips sewn into the band for extra security. Once it's properly installed it's not going anywhere!

Do they look really synthetic?

No! Our Halos® are made of Kanekalon™ a new state of the art synthetic fiber that is 98% identical to real hair. You will be shocked by the quality. 

Does it feel heavy on your head?

Our Halos® are actually the lightest you can find on the market! Real hair is much heavier. Of course, it will feel like you've got something on your head, but you'll get used to it in minutes and comfortably wear it for the rest of the day! 

For reference, here are the weights of each length: 

14 inch = 70 grams
16 inch = 80 grams
18 inch = 95 grams

Can you style them? 

Yes! Kanekalon™ is heat resistant has the ability to be styled. There are limitations though. Please use a low heat setting (275-300 degrees) and heat protection spray. Also realize that you won't be able to do everything you want with them. You can straighten them from the curly condition they arrive in, and then put the waves back in. But you won't be able to get really tight curls. 

What are they made of? 

Our Halos® are made of Kanekalon™, the highest quality synthetic extension material to date. It is a heat resistent synthetic composite that mimics human hair 1 to 1. As a result our Halos® can be styled, unlike other synthetic extensions out there! 

Can I dye it?

We spent a lot of time developing hair colors that will perfectly blend with your hair, but if you get an extension that is slightly off, or if you have a light tint in your own hair, then yes you will be able to dye them. It will have to be fabric dye though since regular hair dye does not work. Also make sure you never bleach them! That will ruin them. 

Can I put my hair up once it's on? 

You will absolutely be able to put your hair into a ponytail or a low bun. But putting it up into a top knot will not work the best.

How do I take care of it?

Washing: Start by running it under lukewarm water. Then massage with paraben free shampoo. When using conditioner leave it in for 15 minutes for the best results. Rinse thoroughly with cold water after. We recommend washing the extensions every few weeks depending on use. 
Drying: Gently pat the exstensions down with a dry towel. Then let it air dry until all moisture is gone. Do not rub to dry, or use heat. 

Brushing: Use a wide tooth comb or a paddle brush to gently detangle. Start from the bottom and work your way up. 

How heavy are the different lengths?

The 14 inch extensions are 70 grams, the 16 inch extensions are 80 grams, and the 18 inch extensions are 95 grams!

Customer Reviews

Based on 624 reviews
Hannah Jones
Halo Hair extensions

I couldn't be happier with my purchase of Halo Hair Extensions! From the moment I opened the package, I was impressed by the quality and softness of the hair. The color match was perfect, blending seamlessly with my natural hair, making it look fuller and more voluminous.

What really sets Halo Hair Extensions apart is how easy they are to apply. The halo wire design is genius – it’s quick to put on and incredibly comfortable to wear. I wore them all day without any discomfort or slipping. Plus, they don’t damage my natural hair, which was a big concern for me with other types of extensions.

The customer service was outstanding as well. The team was very helpful in answering my questions and providing guidance on color selection. Shipping was fast, and the packaging was beautiful and secure.

Overall, Halo Hair Extensions have exceeded my expectations in every way. They have become my go-to for adding instant length and volume to my hair. Highly recommend to anyone looking for high-quality, easy-to-use hair extensions!

Gigi Said
Amazing! I’m impressed

I am so impressed with the halo hair extensions from hiara! First of all - the color match was spot on. I was worried about it but no! I got the beach blonde highlights one and it’s amazing! It’s so easy to apply & looks so beautiful. I wish it was my real hair! Highly recommend!

Amanda Lowell
Loved it!!!

I got so many compliments on my TikTok video of the reveal! Love the quality

Florescel Neculaita
Pretty!! Looks So Real !!

I love my Halo so much! It matches perfectly with my original hair😍 Lightweight and very easy to apply and also easy to remove! I can wear it everyday with no worries! 😍🥰

Janine Lopez Fimbres
Loved them! However...

When I opened up the packaging, I was so excited to see that it matched my hair color and type! I'm a 1b, and the fact that they came with some curl made it so easy to style. However, I did notice that the top of the extensions was reaching my ears and poking at it which was uncomfortable. Maybe it's my placement but I just wanted to give that constructive feedback. Thank you so much again, this was an amazing opportunity and other than that, everything was perfect!

Length Guide





To achieve a medium-length volume.


To achieve both length and volume.


Our longest length.