The Hiara Mission

At Hiara our main goal is to empower women. There are many ways to go about doing this so we've broken our mission into 3 basic pillars:

Instant Confidence

In our online store we provide customers with an instant confidence boost through simple, easy to use, damage free extensions. 

All of our extensions are affordable, take seconds to install, and look stunning.

This means there's no need to spend thousands on salon extensions... Or live with thin, broken hair that destroys confidence anymore! 

Natural Beauty

Through our social media platforms we are constantly sharing tips on how to regrow your natural hair and regain your natural beauty.

And through our email list we share scientifically endorsed hair regrowth products that actually work. 

Extensions are great, but nothing can replace having beautiful thick hair that grew right out of your head.

Spreading Privilege

Traditionally, the hair trade functions on extreme exploitation of under privileged women in third world countries.

We're fighting this by:

A.) Only using synthetic hair that mimics natural hair with 98% accuracy. 

B.) Donating a portion of profit to organizations that fight for Women's Rights in these same 3rd world countries. 

Join us in this incredibly important mission by ordering that Halo you've been wanting, and sharing our mission with all your friends!